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Vidéos de Tamura Senseï

Stage international d'Aïkido FFAB les 28 et 29 octobre 2000 dirigé par Tamura Nobuyoshi sensei et Ueshiba Moriteru 3e doshu - Paris - France.

00.38. (Commentary). Martial art born from the vision of an extraordinary man, aikido has this unique fragrance blend of harmony and energy. Morihei Ueshiba had wanted it like that in his inspired vision by the best martial arts masters Japanese of the late nineteenth century.
At the invitation of the FFAB, the grand-son of the founder, Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu and the great master Nobuyoshi Tamura ran a seminar last month in Paris. Exceptional moment, privileged meeting, the seminar was dominated by the spirit of tradition and evolution of an art which excludes any idea of competition, and recognizes in his practice the only concept of partner.

01.34. Ueshiba doshu : " Aikido, at bottom, is always the same. But it is obvious that the world is changing, circumstances are not always the same, and the people change too. Thus, there necessarily has changes in the surface shape.
The founder has developed a philosophy based on love, and the practice of aikido is to develop the human being, and to develop in him the love and harmony capabilities. this is what is the purpose of the practice of aikido. "

2.37. Ueshiba doshu : " The practice of aikido is divided into "suwari waza" (seated techniques), "hammi handachi waza" (seated techniques with a standing partner), "tachi waza" (standing techniques), "buki waza" (weapons techniques), and "taninzu gake" (with several partners).
In Aikido, there is not, should not, and can not be any competition. This is precisely the admirable side of the work of the founder have created an art that is not an art competition, because he clearly wanted to build something that is outside of the world of competition. "

03.42. (Commentary). With the fluidity of his techniques and movements that seem to take you into a spiral of waivers, aikido seems simple and easy to practice. If, as in judo, we use projections and immobilizations to destabilize and control, we can also accompany the techniques with a serie of atemi, as in karate, in vital areas of the body. But the search for the Aikidoka remains fundamentally that of the balance of the individual in relation to itself and its environment.

04.42. Some testimonials from students not translated.

6.50. (Commentary). Living memory of aikido, Nobuyoshi Tamura known O-Sensei, the founder of aikido, and his son. And today, it continues the spirit of the family staying very close to the present Doshu.
Arrived in France in 1964, commissioned by the Aiki-kai, the great master remained faithful to Europe, where he devoted his life to the development of aikido.

07.11. Tamura sensei : " I am indebted to the grandfather of the present Doshu, to his father and now, him. It is through three generations that I learned aikido. When I met the founder, I was very young, of course. And all he showed or explained, I thought I understood, I just do not understand. And it was only many years later, I told myself that I was an idiot. "

08.05. Tamura sensei : " For over 35 years (in France), the techniques, whether mine or those practitioners may have changed, but the reality, as expressed doshu earlier, is that the essence of aikido does not change. "

08.31. Tamura sensei : " Even in these movements of joint stress, we do not seek to hurt, to cause pain, but to control the balance of the partner. ""

Les cours ont repris le Mardi 7 septembre 2021.
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Mardi 20h00 et Jeudi 18h30
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